Hendersonville Seventh-day Adventist Church

And I saw another angel fly in the midst of heaven, having the everlasting gospel to preach unto them that dwell on the earth, and to every nation, and kindred, and tongue, and people - Revelation 14:6

Women's Ministry

Mission Statement

Women's Ministry at the Hendersonville Seventh-day Adventist Church is committed to helping women of the church as well as within our communities in the following ways:

  • lead women on a closer walk with the Lord
  • Promote healing due to current or past abuse of any kind
  • Helping families and marriages to thrive
  • Be an advocate for women
  • Provide useful training in areas of need
  • Fellowship together and to cultivate lasting friendships
  • Guiding women to helpful resources
  • Praying fervently for the needs of our church and the community
  • Helping all within our church family and those in the community to feel loved
  • To be Christ's hands and feet to a hurting world


Women's Ministry Prayer Group

Our Women's Ministry prayer group meets each Monday morning at 10:00 in the youth room, located in the lower level of the church.  Plenty of parking is available in the back, lower level, entering through the kitchen.  All females of any age are welcome.  Bring your kids if needed!!  We have seen it all from blow-out diapers to throwing up toddlers in our group.  The ladies love seeing Gods children.


A typical meeting...

We start with a few minutes of fellowship while everyone trickles in.  Then we go over any business or announcements.  This is when we plan upcoming events and come to decisions as a group.  Sometimes talking it out is the best way to get things accomplished. 

Then we move into prayer requests.  This usually takes up the most time.  This sin-sick world needs our prayers.  No request is too small.  Once we have combed through everyone's needs we break into groups of 2 or 3 and pray for the requests mentioned.  It is a very intimate few minutes with our sisters in Christ. 

Then, if time permits, we open whatever book we are going through and read a few pages as a group.  Currently, we are reading "His Robe or Mine" by Frank Phillips.  Some past readings have included The book of Proverbs and "Thoughts from the Mount of Blessings."  We are always looking for great books. 

Please make this little group a priority in your next week.  I promise you will gain a blessing from this loving group of women. 

God Bless You!



Some things Women's Ministry does throughout the year along with our monthly Heart to Heart meetings and weekly prayer group:

  • Every 3 months we put together toiletry bags for the 7th Avenue Mission Homeless Shelter.  Includes a copy of "Steps to Christ"
  • Mothers Day gift cards to single mothers
  • New teddy bears given to the Sheriff's Department twice a year (officers to carry in cruisers to hand out)
  • Thanksgiving fruit baskets delivered to home-bound members
  • Various meals and countless cards provided to members in need
  • "Conflict of the Ages" series given to each person baptized
  • "Adventist Home" given to each new couple married
  • "Child Guidance" given at each baby dedication
  • Women's retreats of all kinds attended
  • We PRAY, PRAY, PRAY for this church!!!

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